National Bird Day - January 5th

How Do I Get Involved?

Join Born Free USA and the Avian Welfare Coalition in the annual National Day of Action for Captive Birds by helping to educate the public about issues affecting captive birds and by asking Petco and PetsMart not to sell live birds in their stores. You can celebrate National Bird Day in many ways:

And don't forget to let us know your plans.

1. Play:

Fun for fledgling birders and experts alike, take part in our bird call quiz.

Take our Bird Call Quiz

Can you match the right bird to his call?

2. Post:

Collectible 2014 Posters

Display our National Bird Day posters at your local animal shelter, library, co-op, school or responsible pet supply store that does not sell birds and other animals.

National Bird Day Poster
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National Bird Day Poster
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Send an e-card (virtual postcard).


Send an e-card to a friend to introduce them to National Bird Day.

Sending the card is simple! With five designs to choose from, you're bound to find a card that fits your friend, and you can add your own personal message. Just follow the easy instructions.

Place an ad in your local newspaper or favorite magazine.

Born Free USA also offers a free print advertisement to activists securing space in the newspaper, local distributions such as weekly entertainment segments, magazines, student yearbooks, athletic rosters, or anywhere else you can think to advertise National Bird Day.


Due to the various sizes and shapes available for print ads, all you have to do is secure the space and provide Born Free USA with the company's contact information so we can send a sample ad and the ad elements directly. In addition to offering non-profit rates, many companies will lay out the ad for free when you purchase space, so be sure to inquire and Born Free USA can send the company our non-profit number.

For more information, please contact Born Free USA at 916-447-3085 or

3. Host:

Host a coloring contest for kids.

Arrange a "More Beautiful Wild" coloring contest with your local school, library, or newspaper. Invite kids color a picture of wild parrots for a chance to compete in different age categories for a prize or gift certificate.

For more ideas for kids to celebrate National Bird Day, click here.

Host an educational display.

Community centers and local or school libraries often have exhibit cases that can be used for educational displays. Just ask the manager or librarian how to make a reservation and be willing to agree to some guidelines. Download materials are available from the Avian Welfare Coalition.

4. Teach:

Bring the spirit of National Bird Day into the classroom with our Teachers Pack, a convenient bundle of our various educational tools that teachers can use to inform and entertain their students.

5. Donate:

Contribute to Born Free USA's Global Field Projects that protect African gray parrots in Cameroon and scarlet macaws in Honduras..

6. Recognize:

Request your city Mayor to officially recognize January 5 as "National Bird Day" in your city or town. Download:

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